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The current business situation is like the challenge of breaking the sound barrier.
As an airplane approaches the speed of sound, there is increased aerodynamic drag. The sound pressure “waves” pile up on each other compressing the air. As a result, the air in front of the plane exerts a force on the plane impeding its motion.

Many of today’s companies find themselves in a similar situation.

They are stuck in the space just prior to breaking the sound barrier. Increased turbulence and aerodynamic drag impede the company’s forward motion.


What might be preventing your organization from breaking the digital sound barrier?

The first step: Clear up misunderstandings

Misunderstanding #1:

Digital Transformation is optional.

While this misconception is gradually waning, there are many companies that continue to believe that parts of their business do not need to be transformed.

Misunderstanding #2:

Digital Transformation is difficult to define.

The definition of digital transformation is straightforward: it is the process of learning as an organization about how best to use technology to support its business goals.

Misunderstanding #3:

Technology is the key element of digital transformation.

The true challenge of mastering digital disruption is enabling people through learning.

Misunderstanding #4:

Digitalization is led and owned by the Chief Digital Officer.

Top-down initiatives run the risk of creating significant resistance downstream.

Misunderstanding #5:

Setting up agile teams is sufficient.

Digital transformation means creating an agile organization - not only enabling agile teams.

Misunderstanding #6:

Digital Transformation is a final destination.

Truly digital organizations never arrive. Digital transformation is a never ending journey.

Break the sound barrier into digital maturity

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"The true challenge of mastering digital disruption (and a major part of the solution) is enabling people.

Companies can effectively navigate the challenges of digital disruption by undertaking initiatives which are far more organizational and managerial than technical."

The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation, MIT Press, 2019

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Prior to Chuck Yeager’s historic flight on October 14, 1947 the general belief was that humans were simply not capable of travelling faster than the speed of sound. The fear was that the transonic drag would cause severe instability to an airplane, and presumably rip both the fuselage and its pilot to shreds.

Today, companies experience similar fears with respect to digitalization:

Will the jobs be automatized away?

Will my business be able to keep up?

Where will I find the talent to master digitalization?

The only way to transcend these fears, is to set out courageously and break the sound barrier yourself.

Our unique series of learning modules

on digital transformation for your company

A learning initiative to break the sound barrier towards digital maturity

Ensemble Enabler has developed a series of learning modules which consists of 6 core topics.

Our goal? To support organizations to address the digital transformation process at any stage of development. This series can be scaled across the entire organization both quickly and effectively.  

Launching this first step in a learning journey is essential if an organization aims to break the sound barrier towards digital maturity.

When an airplane breaks the sound barrier a sonic boom is heard on the ground.  The transformation is audible.

And what awaits on the other side of the sound barrier?

The aerodynamics are dramatically different. Supersonic flight requires innovative technology (new wing design, more powerful engines, advanced material composites to withstand the heat generated by increased friction). Equipped with the right technology however, the flight is smoother than subsonic flight and quieter. The sound from the outside world travels too slowly to be heard.

When an organization breaks through the sound barrier, the nature of their digital journey is radically changed.  The entire organization arrives in a space where their unique digital future can unfold.

True change comes from within

Any successful transformation requires the will of an organization to re-create itself.

It demands the perseverance to stay on course.

It challenges an organization to continually cope with the inevitable ups and downs which will be encountered along this demanding journey.

This new world of disruption requires new practices to navigate this unchartered territory.

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Ensemble Enabler activates four energy fields which assist organizations to take off smoothly and quietly cross into this new terrain:

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