Ensemble Enabler is neither a training nor a consulting company

We are an



We enable people throughout an organization 

to focus on what is essential, cultivate a network mindset

and be accountable for their company's future  

Based in Munich, we are a network of Enablers with a global reach.

We have worked in over 30 countries and more than 15 languages.

Our Purpose

Our Values

Our Vision

To nourish well-being throughout organizations by enabling the members of its entire ecosystem to discover and realize optimal long-term solutions together






Legacy Mindset

A healthy planet requires healthy organizations. 

Our vision is to enable organizational leaders to recognize and embrace organizational health as the key asset for the long-term future success of their organizations, society and the planet.

As founders of the non-profit organization World Café Europe, e.V., Ensemble Enabler donates a percentage of its earnings to nurture the effective use of dialogue in society worldwide

My sense of curiosity and strengths are as varied as my intercultural background. During the course of of my working life, I have evolved from a classical economist with an MBA/MA to an organizational acupuncturist of entire systems and ecosystems.

I founded Ensemble Enabler to pursue this practice and serve as its Chief Enabling Officer.

My experience as a practitioner of strategic thinking and leadership development sparked me to re-think these integral business issues from a network perspective

I design experiences which are aimed to get the system connect with itself. Such approaches enable organizations to sense emergence, optimize its flow of information and energy in order to advance a thriving culture and business.

I enjoy getting under the ocean’s surface by scuba diving, walk to a world-class concert hall from my house to listen to music of all kinds and am happily addicted to authentic Mexican food.

Jeffrey Beeson, MBA/MA

Chief Enabling Officer

Ensemble Enabler

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Growing up in the greater New York City, I was exposed to many diverse experiences: from looking at dinosaurs and Van Goghs, visiting Lincoln Center to hear music and marvel at ballet, taking walks in the woods to dissecting frogs in the backyard of my childhood home.

These diverse experiences heightened my sense of curiosity. This combined with my compassion for people led me to study anthropology and seek out experiences in other countries and cultures. I spent two years as a Fulbright scholar in Peru.

My pursuit to co-create experiences to enable meaning-making and impact was inspired by a first-hand transformational experience about the power of socio/emotional learning during a personal encounter with young adults in a museum.

I am passionate about the design and facilitation of dialogues of all sizes. The process of analyzing qualitative data and uncovering the collective intelligence which emerges from groups fascinates me. My radical hope is that through dialogue people can reconnect with their humanity and attain the future to which we all aspire.

Patricia Munro, MA

Creative Engagement Enabler

Ensemble Enabler

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