Network Leadership

The underlying structure of the world is the network. The recognition that organizations are also networks has profound implications for the practice of leadership.

Leaders today need to not only lead themselves and teams, they need to lead networks as well.

We enable leadership capability which focuses upon strengthening the interconnections in organizations which boost motivation, engagement, creativity and innovation.

To navigate the VUCA world, mastering network leadership is indispensable.

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Enabling Practices

Leader as Learner and Teacher

Reconsidering the role of leaders in an organization highlights the necessity for both capacity building and new skill development to masterfully deal with the VUCA world.

Leadership Reconaissance

Bringing leadership development back into the workplace advances “learning by doing” on concrete business projects.

Mentoring Network Leaders

Learning how to optimally navigate a complex network environment prepares leaders to proactively engage with the on-going rapid change of an interconnected world.

Team Coaching

Equipping teams with the proficiency to create a healthy working environment enhances the quality of their collaboration and value of their outcomes.