Virtual Peer-to-Peer-Networking connects employees

In times of crisis and rapid change, exploring new ways to foster group learning is fundamental. Research has determined that one of the most effective ways to promote learning takes place in small groups. 

A study from Eastern Michigan University confirms this assertion. It investigated different learning methods for students who were learning statistics.  The study determined that students improved their scores through collaborative learning (learning in small groups) by up to 23 points on tests based on a scoring system from 0 to 100 as compared with with traditional lecture learning.

Collaborative learning is acknowledged to work extremely well face-to-face. But can the same quality learning experience be delivered online? The resounding answer is YES!

Peer-to-Peer Networking sessions provide quality collaborative learning for employees in organizations virtually across geographies and time zones.

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Today's video conferencing technologies makes learning remotely in groups accessible and effective. Ensemble Enabler's virtual learning platform provides remote learners with access to the same high quality content which are offered during our face-to-face Peer-to-Peer Networking sessions.  Learning Enablers (the facilitators of the learning sessions) are trained to use various virtual interactive tools (i.e. whiteboards, breakout rooms, pointers, chat) to enhance the learning experience.  Evaluations from our remote sessions are as well-received and enthusiastic as from our on-site Peer-to-Peer Networking sessions. Both virtual and face-to-face Peer-to-Peer Networking offer quality learning experiences stimulated by top notch content which is authored by world wide business experts.

Enhanced Networking and Silo Busting

In addition, remote learning has an additional impact: it enhances networking and breaks down silos across teams and locations.  To turbo-charge the networking and silo-busting impact, the composition of the participants of each 90 minutes session can be designed to include new learning partners every time!  

The learning which occurs during such an intentional cross-functional learning process is not restricted to the content alone. The additional valued-added which is generated is that all participants become aware of and learn about other functions and departments in their own organization more deeply.

Imagine your entire business community learning together! 

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An additional advantage of our virtual learning platform is the the opportunity for a community to learn together.  Once individual employees has attended a particular session topic (for instance on "How to hold more effective meetings"), there is the opportunity for these individuals to convene together virtually in groups of 20 or 30 (up to 100!). During this virtual community learning session, participants share their insights and learnings from each of their own small group Peer-to-Peer Networking experiences of 4 participants with the Peer-to-Peer Networking groups of other employees. This virtual scaling of the sharing process not only strengthens community awareness within an organization but also bolsters the shaping of community norms and behaviors.  Our team of experienced Ensemble Enabler virtual facilitators facilitate these large group sessions.

Test your own Virtual Peer-to-Peer Networking Session

Curious about what this new learning paradigm might look like in your organization? 

It's easy: All you need is 4 - 8 participants, access to the internet and two hours. 

This demo session will enable you and your team to experience all of the aspects and advantages of a virtual Peer-to-Peer Networking session first hand and, of course, virtually!

A virtual Peer-to-Peer Networking Demo session includes:

  • An introduction to Peer-to-Peer Networking
  • A virtual Peer-to-Peer Networking session (4 - 8 participants)
  • A  virtual community learning simulation (8 participants)
  • A discussion on how Peer-to-Peer Networking may best benefit your organization

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