Five Steps to enable Self-Organized Learning in an organization

Solving the Challenge of Sustainable Learning in a Business Setting

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Peer-to-Peer learning (P2P) is a flexible and agile concept which consists of bringing four people together with an experienced Learning Coach for a 90 minute learning session.  The content of these P2P sessions draws from a growing library of more than 80 modules on topics written by a select group of the world's leading business professors and experts.  Specific content can be customized designed by Ensemble Enabler to meet your company's distinctive needs.

Peer-2-Peer Learning

A flexible and cost-effective employee development approach which supports organizational learning. This case study “Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Learning at Fujitsu” highlights a new concept to promote the development of leaders, managers and employees within companies.
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This all sounds simple, but the everyday routine and time constraints often interfere with such initiatives. The constant ebb and flow of Peer-to-Peer sessions could present an organizational challenge. Asa a result, many questions often arise about an effective roll-out of a P2P initiative in a company. "What happens if there are 100 employees participating in a P2P learning process?"  If each of these 100 employees attends only 1 Peer-to-Peer session per month, about 25 sessions will have be to scheduled each week.  This challenge can be met by the scheduling the availability of the Learning Coaches who moderate the sessions. Once this determining factor has been addressed, the calendars of all the participating employees can to be coordinated to ensure fully attended P2P sessions. "How should the P2P learning groups of participating employees be organized?" Of course the meeting room where the sessions will be held also needs to be reserved. Last but not least, what happens if a learning coach gets sick - or an employee wants to defer a session due to a unexpected business meeting which they need to attend? These are just a few questions about the behind-the scenes organizational work of a P2P initiative! 

Help is already available to meet all of these challenges.  Ensemble Enabler's dedicated software makes the scheduling of P2P sessions both uncomplicated and self-managing.

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A simple and agile solution to schedule Peer-to-Peer sessions

Ensemble Enabler has developed a dedicated software solution to provide a self-managing scheduling process. No organization process is required to roll-out an effective Peer-to-Peer initiative. What's the solution? Employees manage their own learning process.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how our dedicated software works.* 

Step 1. Learning coaches enter their availability in Ensemble Enabler's specialized Peer-to-Peer Calendar Scheduling System.

  • A Learning Coach enters his/her scheduled P2P session on topic X which will be held on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:00 am into the system.
  • The available P2P session time slots for this session are visible to all of the employees who are participating in the P2P learning process via a log-in link.

Step 2. Employees view the available session times entered by the Learning Coaches into the scheduling system and sign up for the session which is most convenient to them.

  • Participation in the P2P learning session is on a first come, first serve basis.  There are 4 slots available for each session. 

Step 3. Automatic confirmation notifications are sent to each employee who has signed up for a specific P2P session.

  • Learning Coaches receive the names and contact information of their participants.*
  • 24 hours prior to their session, employees receive an automatic e-mail reminding them of their session.

Step 4. If cancellations are necessary for any reason, the participants enter the change into the scheduling system themselves.

  • Learning Coaches are automatically notified of the cancellation.
  • After the cancellation, the scheduling system automatically shows that an additional slot for another employee is available for that specific P2P session.

Step 5. The information about the location of the P2P sessions can also be communicated through the scheduling system.

* This dedicated software scheduling system adheres to the guidelines of the European Union's General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) law.


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As a result of Ensemble Enabler's dedicated software scheduling system, all organizational issues disappear.  Once in place for the P2P Initiative, the scheduling system provides a self-organizing process which runs independently of all administrative coordination.  At one client, 100+ P2P learning sessions were taking place every week without any organizational issues ever arising!

P2P Sessions foster Cross-Functional Business Networking

Other benefits emerge as the organizational challenges disappear. The scheduling software can be set up to ensure that the participants of a P2P session are not visible to other participants of the same P2P session. As a result, an employee who has multiple P2P sessions over the course of a year - ie. attending one P2P session a month  - will likely have different learning colleagues at each session.  This intermingling of employees in different P2P sessions fosters cross-functional business networking as well as enhances company-wide collaboration.

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P2P sessions in the Digital Age - P2P Virtual Sessions

The networking aspect of a Peer-to-Peer learning process can be extended - especially across geographical boundaries - through virtual P2P sessions.  In these virtual sessions, participants can be located anywhere on the globe.  The scheduling system allows participants to coordinate time zone differences with ease.  Learning Coaches who have completed Ensemble Enabler's certification process can be additionally trained to handle the intracacies of managing a virtual learning session. Such virtual P2P sessions can be held in various locations across time zones and geographies. 

And of course, the learning process organizes itself!

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