In order to tell thought-provoking stories about the power of networks, I would like to share notable examples of the impact which network leaders can have in their organizations.

I cannot think of a better example to start this series of NETWORK HEROES than Dee Hock.

Dee Hock was a manager at a local bank in Washington state (USA). This bank had been franchised by the Bank of America to issue its credit card which at the time was called the “BankAmericard”.

First Visa card from BankAmericard in the 1970's

Dee Hock convinced Bank of America to give up its ownership and control on their BankAmericard credit card licensing program. In its place, the licensing capability was transferred to a new entity which was owned by its member banks

By realizing this innovative approach, he turned the financial world on its head.  

Instead of one bank owning the credit card, a network of banks became the owners. This move created one of the most successful financial networks the world has ever seen. This institution was ultimately renamed VISA in 1976.

Portrait of Dee Hock creator of the VISA card financial concept on a background of the VISA logo

In his later years, Dee Hock was developed the concept “chaordic” to describe organizations which were both chaotic and ordered at the same time. The accomplishment of his work in this lives on in his books and curated website. Dee Hock died in July 2022 at the age of 93.

Quote from Dee Hock about innovation

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