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The greatest challenge for current leaders throughout any organization is to continuously learn and adapt to the rapidly changing business environment. Their ability to do so defines not only their capacity but also the quality of their ability to lead others.

But how do leaders come up with the time to cultivate their commitment for continuous learning and motivate colleagues during their busy work schedule? 

How can they be motivated to welcome curiosity and experimentation as a fundamental approach to their daily business?
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To date the classical paradigm of leadership development has been to host multi-day workshops off-site. Why not reclaim that learning experience for the on-site (and virtual) workplace and integrate this learning into actual business issues which require focus?  Bringing this learning process back into the workplace and applying these learnings to real-time situations provides a recognizable opportunity for businesses to foster optimized collaboration throughout their organization.

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By building on championing two key leadership skills – learning and teaching – Ensemble Enabler has developed a highly adaptable leadership development process fitting for our VUCA-world.

During this process, the leadership insights are gained from three perspectives: individual, team and organizational.

INSIGHTS ABOUT PERSONAL LEADERSHIP At the beginning of this leadership development, individual leaders learn about themselves and develop a personal leadership development plan based on their strengths.

INSIGHTS ABOUT TEAM LEADERSHIP Coupled with the leader’s individual learning journey, they set out to master the skill of moderating NETWORK CONNECTIONS modules for colleagues throughout the organization.

INSIGHTS ABOUT NETWORK LEADERSHIP THROUGHOUT AN ORGANIZATION Specific NETWORK CONNECTIONS modules wich address topics of strategic significance to the business are chosen during this last stage to roll out the learning initiative throughout the organization. When the participants of these NETWORK CONNECTIONS discussions come from a cross-section of the business, it also serves to enhance the network connectivity of the organization.

This leadership development process is hybrid in nature and mixes face-to-face participation with virtual sessions. It unfolds in four interrelated steps all of which can be custom-tailored to the needs of a business of any size. 

STEP 1: Design the leadership experience

STEP 2: Mastery of art of face-to-face and virtual moderation of NETWORK CONNECTIONS module

STEP 3: Roll-out of leadership learning initiative

STEP 4: Cultivation of an organization’s network connectivity

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"Cracking the nut" of effective leadership development in your organization: Two possible scenarios

But how does this novel approach operate in an actual work environment?  In order to illustrate the possible use of this leadership development approach in a business, Ensemble Enabler has developed two conceivable scenarios. These scenarios demonstrate the flexibility of the thematic focus of such an initiative to deal with the myriad of leadership challenges facing any business.

By selecting NETWORK CONNECTION modules whose focal point is leadership, the diverse perspectives of individual, team and organizational network leadership are can be explored. To accommodate the busy schedule of participating leaders, these NETWORK CONNECTIONS sessions of 90 minutes can be offered on a monthly basis to the members of the leadership development initiative .

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3-month SCENARIO – Fostering a resilient and healthy organization

This 3-month leadership development process provides an opportunity for an organization’s leaders to consider an organiation's resilience and wellbeing health as a competitive advantage. 

  1. An initial module reflects upon how best to increase an individual leadership’s energy levels to better meet the demands of his/her daily workflow. 
  2. A leader’s ability to observe and foster healthy relationships within his/her team is the focus of the second module. 
  3. The last module in this 3 month scenario advocates a better understanding the basic underlying assumptions of an organization’s culture and its leadership which determine its overall health and resilience.

6-month SCENARIO - Deepening leadership capacities for a thriving organization

Three additional NETWORK CONNECTION modules build on the insights and know-how gained in the 3-month initial leadership development process which were briefly outlined above. These three module topics give attention to leadership issues which are at the heart of all healthy and successful organizations.

  1. The implications of possessing a clear sense of purpose – both on a business and personal level – provides the first deep dive into effective leadership. 
  2. The subsequent module focuses on how to lead by trust and, by doing so, foster psychological safety in teams (and the workplace). 
  3. The final module devotes itself to the broad spectrum of attitudes and behaviors observed and experienced on an organizational level. It delves into the issues of mindset and its impact on an organization’s ability to continuously learn, foster creativity and inspire innovation.

The two scenarios outlined above are intended to demonstrate the broad spectrum of possibilities for the design of a leadership development initiative which meets the needs of your organization.

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Our experienced Leadership Enablers work together with organizations to develop custom-designed leadership development initiative from our library of the 100+ NETWORK CONNECTION modules which have been conceived and written by acknowledge business worldwide experts. Our approach offers a simple and elegant manner to bring this know-how into your organization to foster leadership capacity throughout your organization.

Enable your organization to use the power of networks to identify sustainable business solutions with speed and effectiveness: Network Leadership - Intentional Collaboration -Network Mindset

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