Jeffrey Beeson

Uncovering the simplicity within complexity

Jeffrey Beeson

Chief Alignment Enabler (CAE)

Jeffrey Beeson’s professional journey consists of an on-going series of inter-related stages. The combination of these interlocking experiences has informed the thinking that has shaped the unique character of Ensemble Enabler.

Vita Jeffrey Beeson

A dual MBA in Finance and MA in International Business from the Wharton School of Business and the Lauder Institute (USA) set the foundation for Jeffrey Beeson’s interest in business strategy and leadership.

He honed his skills as a strategy consultant at Bain and Company and McKinsey where he led projects on a pan-European and worldwide basis in a broad spectrum of industries.

When he joined Senn-Delaney Leadership (USA-UK), Jeffrey Beeson worked with the first firm to focus exclusively on transforming cultures. He headed leadership roll-out initiatives for multi-national corporations throughout Europe.

In order to integrate strategic consulting with leadership development, Jeffrey Beeson formed the Entheos Group. The Entheos-Team collaborates with companies to develop their specific Leadership Strategy through tailored-designed leadership initiatives.

ENSEMBLE ENABLER brings all the expertise of these phases of Jeffrey Beeson’s professional journey to offer an integrated approach to strategy, leadership, and organizational development which to enable companies to reach their unique potential.

Jeffrey Beeson’s industry experience

  • Aerospace

  • Automobile

  • Banking / Finance

  • Consumer Goods

  • Energy

  • Food + Beverage

  • Insurance

  • Networks + IT

  • Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • R+D Institutes

  • Retailing

  • Telecommunication

  • Transportation