Jeffrey Beeson

Uncovering the simplicity within complexity

Jeffrey Beeson

Chief Enabling Officer

Jeffrey Beeson’s professional journey consists of an on-going series of inter-related stages. The combination of these interlocking experiences has informed the thinking that has shaped the unique character of Ensemble Enabler.

Vita Jeffrey Beeson

Jeffrey’s career path inspired him to recognize the need to integrate the perspectives of strategy and organizational culture. He founded Ensemble Enabler to collaborate with organizations to foster agile organizational cultures and advance leadership at all levels of an organization. Through a unique ecosystem of processes such as Peer-to-Peer Learning, Community Learning, Leadership Sprints, C-Suite Mentoring, Team Coaching, Large group dialogues, Learning Journeys, Cluster Communication and Pinboards, Ensemble Enabler supports organizations to develop insights, acquire new knowledge and implement new ideas through the use of innovative approaches during the course of a company’s on-going learning journey.

A dual MBA in Finance and MA in International Business from the Wharton School of Business and the Lauder Institute (USA) set the foundation for Jeffrey's interest in business strategy, culture and leadership.  During his work in the European offices of Bain & Co. and McKinsey, he led projects in a broad spectrum of industries on a pan-European and worldwide basis. During his collaboration with clients, Jeffrey experienced first-hand that “Strategy eats Culture for Breakfast”.

Jeffrey expanded his expertise in the area of culture transformation by joining Senn-Delaney (USA), the first firm to foster thriving organizational cultures worldwide. At Senn-Delaney, he headed culture roll-out initiatives for multi-national corporations throughout the Europe. Jeffrey continued his personal learning journey at the European Office of the Center for Creative Leadership (USA), a prestigious worldwide leadership development practice. During his tenure at the Center for Creative Leadership, he touched the lives of thousands of leaders throughout the EMEA region and worldwide.

Inspired by the power of collective intelligence as embodied by the practice of the World Café, Jeffrey co-founded the non-profit organization World Café Europe e.V. in 2007. Its vision …”is a Europe where citizens actively engage to find concrete solutions for the key issues of their time.”

World Café Europe’s work with its partners aims to promote the use of large group participatory dialogue to provide individuals and communities a voice on the issues of importance to them. By offering a platform for dialogue, World Café Europe aims to establish opportunities for co-creating solutions for issues that matter.

Ensemble Enabler donates a percentage of its yearly profits to World Café Europe e.V. to support the creative development of such cutting-edge dialogue initiatives.

Jeffrey Beeson’s industry experience

  • Aerospace

    • Airbus
    • ESA

  • Automobile

    • Chrysler
    • Daimler
    • Musashi Europe
    • Neumayer
    • Tenneco

  • Banking / Finance

    • Bankia
    • Barclaycard
    • BBVA
    • ING
    • Santander

  • Chemicals
    • BASF

  • Consumer Goods

    • Vorwerk
    • Geberit
  • Energy

    • British Gas
    • Enel
    • E.on
    • Orsted
    • Westfalen AG

  • Food + Beverage

    • Bilka
    • Granjas Carroll
    • Nestlé
    • Pepsico, Inc.

  • Hospitality
    • The Dorchester Hotel

  • Insurance

    • Cigna
    • Munich Re
    • Prudential, plc

  • IT / Electronics

    • dSpace
    • Emerson Electric
    • Menlo Systems
    • Travian Games

  • Logistics

    • Maersk

  • Manufacturing

    • Alstom
    • Atlas Copco
    • Krauss Maffei
    • Siemens
    • Thorlabs
    • Van Leer Packaging

  • Pharmaceuticals

    • Astra Zeneca
    • Bayer
    • Boehringer Ingelheim
    • Glaxo Smith Klein
    • Roche

  • R+D Institutes

    • DHI Group
    • Frauenhofer Institute

  • Retailing

    • Karstadt

  • Telecommunication

    • Deutsche Telekom
    • Eriksson
    • Nokia
    • Ooredoo
    • Sony
    • T-Mobile
    • Telefonica

  • Transportation

    • Alstom
    • Siemens

  • Utilities
    • Endesa