Value through Alignment

The influence of over 300 years of traditional thinking patterns is being swept out faster than we think. It’s happening right now, step-by-step…Our blog The Ensemble Enabler aspires to explore this shift in thinking and what its means for all of us – both in the world of business and our daily lives.

Sand cone

Each blog post of the The Ensemble Enabler will explore the “shifting sands” of our challenging and complex world by sharing stories and insights about systemic alignment, how it can be achieved and how it creates value.

Our aim is to have each of our blog posts add a “grain of insight” to this on-going exploration about a broad spectrum of questions like these:

  • How is alignment among groups cultivated in order to create a true spirit of coooperation?
  • What are the mental and physical aspects of an ensemble when we are in alignment with ourselves, our teams and organization?
  • How do Enablers demonstrate leadership and create alignment among the ensemble(s) in an organization?
  • What can we learn from nature about alignment?

Shifting sand

New ways of thinking and working together as an ensemble are key processes which require focus and mastery from all of us. In future blog posts, we’ll share observations and storiesabout alignment from Global Café’s four areas of focus:

  • Cultural Renewal
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Strategy Mapping

The Global Café team hopes that you find our reflections  provide you with insightful food-for-thought.

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