Peer to Peer Learning

Amplifying impact through employee engagement

Peer to Peer Learning

Team learning groups of 4 to 6 employees address key business issues for an organization in sessions of 75 to 90 minutes in duration. Employees gain insights on the implications of these key issues for their daily tasks through this process of social learning in the workplace.

Business Reasons

Peer to peer learning extends the impact of a key change initiative such as CULTURE RENEWAL by actively involving employees throughout the organization. It builds the capacity and skills which are required to support strategic initiatives and creates a sense of community. Peer to peer learning is an essential process large scale initiatives to reach a critical mass required to ensure an initiative’s success.

As a stand-alone initiative, peer to peer learning provides a cost effective process for management development and the active engagement of employees throughout the organization.

Learning is not doing. It is reflecting on doing.

Professor Henry Mintzberg