Participatory Meetings and Events

Emerging insights from personal engagement

Participatory Meetings and Events

Participants bring their personal know-how and experience to retreats and company meetings. However most of these kind of events usually do not tap into this readily accessible knowledge to enhance the experience. Ensemble Enabler utilizes an integrated design process which creates meaningful opportunities for interaction among participants both in intimate small groups and large settings. Towards this end we offer both retreat design and facilitation as well as company meeting design and facilitation.

Business Reasons

Participatory meeting and conference design opens the door to access the unique collective intelligence of a group and create new understanding about an issue or topic.

ENSEMBLER ENABLER designs interactive formats which energize the participants, focuses their attention and stimulates the emergence of new insights. This 21st century approach to meeting design offers opportunities for high-impact and memorable meetings and conferences whose results inspire sustainable action.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success!

Henry Ford

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