agile mindsets unlock your company's potential

NETWORK CONNECTIONS champions innovation through enhanced relationships, soft skill development and know-how generation via an agile mindset

NETWORK CONNECTIONS is an economical and uncomplicated process to champion networks and capacity building in your business


  • A unique participatory experience for groups from 4 to 50 participants accompanied by an experienced facilitator.

  • Each session is a compact 90 minute experience, which utilizes a wide range of interactive elements: storytelling, learning by doing, videos, dialogue and much more.

  • It provides a cost-effective solution to address the challenges of social fragmentation in a hybrid work environment.

  • A subscription consists of 3,6 or 12 modules on topics written by top business professionals selected from a library of over 100 modules.

Enhance Collaboration · Build Networks · Learn Together · Foster Belonging

Michael Vogt, Plant Director of the MUSASHi Grolsheim factory reflects upon his positive experience of utilizing NETWORK CONNECTIONS

What are the unique characteristics of NETWORK CONNECTIONS?

The NETWORK CONNECTIONS approach is extremely agile and cost-effective.
Using an exclusive IT application, employees can create their own personal schedule online, to participate in NETWORK CONNECTIONS discussions.
This straightforward process enables collaborative and cross-departmental collaboration in which a large number of employees can actively participate.
The NETWORK CONNECTIONS approach supports a cost-effective staff development, since all modules are charged at a fixed fee.
Each NETWORK CONNECTIONS module is dedicated to a specific topic and is discussed by participants together with a certified Learning Enabler.
NETWORK CONNECTIONS takes place either hybrid or remote.  Except for the module fee itself, there are no additional hotel or travel costs.

Here is our current list of NETWORKING CONNECTIONS  Modules

Starting a Network Connections initiative is both easy and cost-effective


Set-up a free call with Ensemble Enabler to formulate a NETWORK CONNECTIONS initiative appropriate for your needs


Determine the number of participants

  • Who will participate? Assemble a cohort of participants.  We recommend a minimum of 12 people

Decide the length of your NETWORK CONNECTIONS initiative

  • How long will the project run? Select an initial timeframe of 3, 6 or 12 months


12 participants
3 different modules
3 month duration

The monthly cost for your organization?
 € 120 per person

Enhance Collaboration · Build Networks · Learn Together · Foster Belonging

NETWORK CONNECTIONS cultivates agile mindsets to enable your employees to actively engage with the strategic challenges of your business in a hybrid work environment.

The impact?

Engaged and motivated employees who collaborate and innovate more effectively together
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Curious to learn more about how NETWORK CONNECTIONS can foster an agile mindset and unlock your company's potential?

During an initial call, we will discuss your individual needs and provide an initial assessment of how NETWORK CONNECTIONS can enhance collaboration throughout your organization.

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