Organizational Dynamics

Simplifying complexity

Organizational Dynamics

A business simulation brings 15 to 50 individuals in a workshop together to actively explore actual business challenges of a network leadership mindset via a participatory approach.

Each participant is assigned a specific role in a company. The aim of this system dynamics experience is to fulfill the assigned role to the best of one’s abilities. The issues which make leadership challenging within a company's culture are highlighted throughout the simulation. Through the active participation with others, individuals obtain valuable insight which influence his/her personal leadership.  

Business Reasons

An Organizational Dynamics business simulation prepares leaders for the challenges of leading in complex network environments.

Prior to conducting a systemic dialogue or launching a strategic initiative, the Organizational Dynamics business simulation builds the leadership capacity necessary to effectively support these initiatives. Such a process can be designed to take place in a shorter period of time (5 hours) or address more complex issues in a longer span of time (up to 2 days).

Leadership is not position. Leadership is the ability to recognize and use the potential of whatever position we're in.

Professor Barry Oshry

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