Four Lighthouses

True change come from within.

Our Focus

ENSEMBLE ENABLER engages all key stakeholders to find solutions together for a company’s key business issues. Through this stakeholder interaction, our clients generate new approaches. These interactions among the stakeholders create the alignment, the motivation and the energy which are fundamental to implementing solutions.

Highlighting four interrelated business challenges provides the focus for our efforts to be an enabler of culture transformation.

Focus on Collaboration 

ENSEMBLE ENABLER enables companies to create truly collaborative, boundary-spanning solutions for key business issues by:

  1. identifying the silos that exist and determining their impact on their business,
  2. breaking down the mental barriers that are impeding collaboration, and
  3. creating the optimal conditions for collaborative boundary-spanning solutions to emerge.

Cultivating a collaborative team environment is the first step to target these tough issues. Through our initiatives, the patterns in which work gets done are transformed.

Key drivers

Focus on Innovation 

ENSEMBLE ENABLER enables companies to secure and retain their competitive advantage through innovation centered around its key core competencies.

This process begins by

  1. identifying the core competencies that are central to a company’s competitive advantage: be that quality, speed, service, cost position, logistics, special processes or something specific to their business
  2. focusing the brain power of hundreds of key people in the business to deepen and broaden competencies, and
  3. finding the most practical ways to implement their ideas and recommendations.

Cultivating innovation and leadership is a team process. Our approach takes innovation to the next logical level.

Key drivers

Focus on Strategy Mapping® 

ENSEMBLE ENABLER enables companies to obtain the commitment of key stakeholders for an important initiative and create strategic alignment in an organization by

  1. providing a forum for them to recognize the importance and complexity of the issue at hand,
  2. involving them to determine specific available strategic options and
  3. inviting them to take leading roles in the implementation of the initiative(s).

Making the network perspective in organizations visible reveals new ideas and courses for action. Our approach takes advantage of the experience and wisdom present in the organization to find unique solutions for complex business issues.

Key drivers

Focus on Culture Renewal 

ENSEMBLE ENABLER ermöglicht es Unternehmen, das Alignment mittels einer starken Organisationskultur zu vertiefen. Dies beginnt damit, dass wir

  • die zentralen Aspekte der Unternehmensidentität (Hauptzweck, Werte und wichtigste Ziele) überprüfen und, soweit erforderlich, überarbeiten;
  • die Mitarbeiter mittels unseres markeneigenen CULTURE CAFÉ® -Prozesses dabei unterstützen, die Unternehmenskultur eigenverantwortlich mitzutragen und
  • Eigenverantwortung für die Unternehmenskultur innerhalb der gesamten Organisation verbreiten im Rahmen von Peer-to-Peer-Lernprozessen.

Unser Ansatz ermöglicht es Unternehmen, ihre Kultur rasch und effizient neu zu gestalten und zu vertiefen. Ein nachhaltiger Kulturwandel in Unternehmen ist das Ergebnis dieser Vorgehensweise.

Key drivers