Five T's

What current challenges are you steering towards?

Your Challenges

Every company undertakes its own unique Journey. When ENSEMBLE ENABLER comes on board, our first priority is to understand the key characteristics of this Journey. This provides us with the foundation to create customized strategic solutions for organizations. All of our offerings are developed to fit the actual challenges faced at that specific moment in time. By being realistic about the current conditions, we enable our clients to change the direction or the nature of their Journey.

Our experience has shown that despite the uniqueness of each Journey, there are certain challenges that re-occur frequently.

Which of these challenges best describes your current situation?

Tension – Your Challenge

Are teams having difficulty coordinating their actions?

Is there resistance to key change initiatives?

Are silos getting in the way of getting work done?

Optimizing group dynamics and team coaching enable the members on board to collaborate more effectively.

Our Solution

Transition – Your Challenge

Has the character of the organization changed due to a large acquisition or divestment?

Is the company entering into major new markets or exiting current ones?

Is a major re-structuring underway?

Considering the role of organizational culture in mergers and acquisitions or during a shift in the strategic direction of a company is key to reaching a new level of optimal performance.

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Trouble – Your Challenge

Are there significant disagreements on the direction the ship is taking?

Are set goals beginning to get out of reach?

Are there clear priorities of what needs to be done to safely navigate out of the storm?

Fostering resilient leadership in organizations enables a company to adapt to the challenges of constantly changing business environment and champions resilience in all of its employees.

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Tipping Point – Your Challenge

Is a technology threatening to change “business as usual”?

Are competitors starting to change the rules of the game?

Can you be the disruptive force in your industry?

Promoting organizational agility is one of the dividends of a purposeful corporate culture transformation process.

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