How we enable organizations to thrive

Ensemble Enabler has developed distinct cutting-edge practices to promote enhanced motivation, engagement, curiosity, creativity and innovation in order to intensify the flow of energy and information within an organization.

Our initial fundamental steps determine the design of any initiative for an organization:

  1. Pinpoint the areas with the highest value-added and potential for the organization
  2. Select a cluster of complementary practices to focus on the pivotal issues at hand
  3. Design of a tailored initiative which is implemented in partnership with our clients in an elegant and straightforward manner.
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Organizational Learning

Championing learning with and from colleagues establishes the foundation for sustainable lifelong learning.

Providing a virtual platform to exchange perspectives and ideas fosters alignment and supports change initiatives across departments and geographies.

Designing a compact multi-dimensional interactive experience nurtures a common understanding of core business issues.

Network Leadership

Reconsidering the role of leaders in an organization highlights the necessity for both capacity building and new skill development to masterfully deal with the VUCA world.

Bringing leadership development back into the workplace advances “learning by doing” on concrete business projects.

Learning how to optimally navigate a complex network environment prepares leaders to proactively engage with the on-going rapid change of an interconnected world.

Fluid Collaboration

Equipping teams with the proficiency to create a healthy working environment enhances the quality of their collaboration and value of their outcomes.

Tapping into the collective intelligence of a large group stimulates engagement and unleashes creative potential.

Applying collaborative problem solving approaches opens pathways to identifying solutions for complex and wicked business challenges.

Transparent Communication

Fostering a feeling of community within an organization is nurtured through the use of an internal cloud-based digital communications platform.

Identifying an organization’s fundamental aspiration or direction of a major change initiative clarifies its strategic vision as well as informs decision-making.

Envisioning emergent ideas and processes via multi-disciplinary approaches makes the invisible visible.