Cost-effective employee development

by Jeffrey Beeson

A Peer to Peer (P2P) learning session brings 4 employees together with an experienced Learning Coach for a module discussion lasting 90 minutes.

Content for these sessions has been developed by world-wide acknowledged professors and expert management practicioners.  The CoachingOurselves© content library consists of a diverse set of topics ranging from complex issues such as strategy, marketing and branding to more practical day to day issues such as managing effective meetings or optimally managing one's personal time and energy.  Our experienced content design experts at Ensemble Enabler offer companies the opportunity to create customized content modules to address their specific business needs.

This agile learning process provides companies with a cost effective alternative and/or an addition to current learning and training efforts.  No expensive venues are needed.  A P2P session takes place in a company's meetings rooms on-site.  In addition, no experts/speakers need to be hired; this expertise is provided in the P2P modules which form the foundation of a P2P learning session.

The intent of this blog is to provide an overview of the investment required to establish a P2P initiative in your company. This investment is detemined by the desired extent and reach of a development initiative. 

The Level of Investment for Initiatives with less than 60 Employees¹

1. Prices include access to licensed materials, group facilitation by an external Ensemble Enabler Learning Coach and an initial analysis of output generated by the P2P sessions.  It does not include the cost of materials (e.g. printing of learning materials) or travel for external Learning Coaches.  The development of custom designed P2P learning modules is priced separately.  Discounts are available for P2P learning initiatives which have more than 60 employee participants.
2. Internal P2P Learning Coaches are employees who have been certified to lead P2P learning conversations by attending a 2 day Learning Coach Workshop provided by Ensemble Enabler.  External Learning Coaches are experienced facilitators from Ensemble Enabler.
3. A P2P session is defined as a group of 4 employees and a certified Learning Coach who come together to discuss and learn about a P2P topic for a fixed time period of 90 minutes.

A detailed description of these 3 entry options for your organization is provided below.

Experiencing a P2P Session in 4 Hours

To get acquainted with the P2P process and the value which its brings to your organization, Ensemble Enabler recommends starting with a test session which is moderated by one of our experienced Learning Coaches.

The session begins with a brief introduction to the P2P learning process after which a Learning Coach leads four employees through a pre-selected P2P module topic.  A test P2P session is held exactly as it would in the workplace with a duration of 90 minutes. This test P2P session provides a first-hand experience how this unique agile learning process works. 

After the P2P session, the Learning Coach conducts a debrief of the experience. This is followed by a discussion on how this process could potentially be integrated into individual, team and departmental learning initiatives.

The entire process of an introduction to the P2P process, a complete P2P learning session, a learning experience debrief and  reflection upon the implementation of a P2P initiative lasts approximately 4 hours.

Getting Started with a 3 to 6 Month Trial Period

An initial 90 minute P2P session with 4 people provides a taste of the nature of the P2P learning process is and its impact on its participants.  The true magic of this sustainable impact begins when a larger group gets involved in the P2P process.  Not only does learning take place, but a shared experience is created when a larger groups experiences both the P2P process and P2P learning content. This shared experience builds upon individual learning, helps individuals extend their cross-functional business networks and enhances the quality of collaboration with their colleagues.

The first launch period for a new P2P initiative should involve approximately 30+ people for a minimum of 3 months. Both this initial number of participants and suggested timeframe serve to demonstrate the full effect of the P2P learning process. Ensemble Enabler Learning Coaches accompany the P2P process during this trial period. 

The following table summarizes the investment for a group of 32 and 60 employees (numbers that nicely divide by 4!) for a period of 3 months:

Peer-to-Peer Trial Cost

1. The number of participants assumes that each individual in the P2P learning initiative attends one 90 minute P2P session per month.  Our experience has demonstrated that a monthly P2P learning session encourages the integration of the P2P process into the daily business routine. The number of sessions per month can be increased as desired.
During an initial 3 month trial period either 3 individual P2P content modules topics or a thematic cluster of 3 distinct modules can be offered.

Utilizing Internal Learning Coaches for Long-Term Initiatives

The real savings for a company materialize when an investment is made to promote the use of internal Learning Coaches.  Creating this internal resource has multiple benefits.  First, the cost per P2P session sinks dramatically.  Secondly, in the current knowledge economy which is increasingly driven by knowledge workers, becoming a Learning Coach offers selected employees in an organization to develop the critical leadership skills which are needed in the 21st century.

The following chart provides an overview of the investment in P2P with certified Internal Learning Coaches :

Peer-to-Peer Learning Long Term Initiative

During a 1 year scenario with 60 employees who are active in the P2P process, each individual participates in 18 hours of high quality learning throughout the year.  As a result, each participating employee has taken part in 12 P2P module sessions with 36 diverse learning partners along the way*.  This process fosters how networks get built.  The shared experience with other participants contributes to building a  cross-functional business community within the organization. This in turn leads to enhanced collaboration within the organization.

Peer-to-Peer learning is about individual learning and skill acquisition but offers much more. It is an essential process for agile companies who strive to successfully operate in the knowledge economy of the 21st century.


* Ensemble Enabler has developed dedicated IT-software to enable participants to self-manage his/her own learning. No organizational coordination to structure the P2P learning initiative is necessary.  For more indepth information on this topic, click here.

About Author: Jeffrey Beeson

Jeffrey Beeson

Jeffrey Beeson is both the founder and CAE (Chief Alignment Enabler) of Ensemble Enabler. He brings his wealth of experience in strategy consulting and leadership development to bring systemic approaches and solutions to bear on an organization's most complex challenges.