Making the Whole Elephant Visible

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elephant. Strategy Mapping.

An “inside-out” approach is characterized by acknowledging that the experiences and input of individual stakeholders (ie. employee, customer, supplier, shareholder, etc.) offer an essential part of the solution. From their position within the system, these stakeholders know better than anyone else what is working and not working for them (and the company). Key components to be changed and/or improved can be determined if this information can be made visible. The process of making this kind of information visible is what Ensemble Enabler describe as “strategy mapping”.

Let’s look at a concrete example of this approach.

Organizational Culture and Networks

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spiederweb. networking

In today’s digitalized world, it is difficult to conceive of work getting done without harnessing the power of networks.  There are virtual groups and teams, communities of practice, webinar meetings, etc.

Keystone Habits

Culture Renewal culture transformation employee involvement organizational culture value through alignment

Beaver. Keystone Habits.

I recently read a story which merits retelling. It is a powerful story about how an unwavering focus on a specific value can help to turn a company around.

Global Ignorance

Innovation Personal and Team Leadership Development

Globe. Illustration to Global Ignorance

Last week I had the privilege to facilitate a portion of the DGUV International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work held in Dresden. I would like to comment on some of the food for thought I got from that conference and compare that to a survey that came out today, the 29th of March in the Handelsblatt.

Weißbierpils - a metaphor for innovation


Weisspilz. Innovation

What is innovation? …AND how can we better foster innovation in our organizations?

A recent trip in the Bavarian countryside provided me with a wonderfully simple example of what innovation is and what it takes to make it happen.


Value through Alignment

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Karawane. Value through Alignment.

he influence of over 300 years of traditional thinking patterns is being swept out faster than we think. It’s happening right now, step-by-step…Our blog The Ensemble Enabler aspires to explore this shift in thinking and what its means for all of us – both in the world of business and our daily lives.