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The founder of Coaching Ourselves, Dr. Henry Mintzberg, has reached out to his professional colleagues worldwide in order to create the unique content for the Coaching Ourselves modules. Building upon their years of research and experience, a broad spectrum of recognized business experts have collaborated to create peer-to-peer learning modules which can be used by employees at all levels of an organization onsite at their business location.

Extending the Echo

Culture Renewal Peer to Peer Learning Strategy Mapping

Are you leading a large-scale change initiative?

How can you communicate the appropriate message about this initiative to the company's employees in an effective and affective manner?

Peer-to-Peer Learning is the key....

Making the Whole Elephant Visible

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elephant. Strategy Mapping.

An “inside-out” approach is characterized by acknowledging that the experiences and input of individual stakeholders (ie. employee, customer, supplier, shareholder, etc.) offer an essential part of the solution. From their position within the system, these stakeholders know better than anyone else what is working and not working for them (and the company). Key components to be changed and/or improved can be determined if this information can be made visible. The process of making this kind of information visible is what Ensemble Enabler describe as “strategy mapping”.

Let’s look at a concrete example of this approach.