6 Key Benefits for your Organization

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Peer-2-Peer learning is a process especially suited to our times.  It applies the current digital network approach for the benefit of developing people and organizations.  In a similar manner that Peer-2-Peer networks revolutionized the music, media and software industries, Peer-2-Peer learning concepts will revolutionize the way we think about management development within our organizations....

Cost-effective employee development

Peer 2 Peer Peer to Peer Peer to Peer Learning

Peer-to-Peer learning is a key process for the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century. What kind of investment is needed to initiate this process in your organization?


Five Steps to enable Self-Organized Learning in an organization

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Peer-to-peer learning consists of sessions where 4 people plus a learning coach who come together for 90 minutes.  When you have hundreds of employees participating in this type of learning activity, how do you organize the dozens of sessions that take place each week?  You don't.  Employees self-manage the process....

Capturing the wisdom of crowds through participatory meetings

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Business meetings – like many conference room settings – need to be reimagined for the nature of work in the 21st century. All too often, one enters a room to attend a meeting and the setting reminds you of an old main lecture hall where the top-down mode of information transfer was (or is still) the archteype. Today we work and live in a connected world which promotes collaboration among people throughout any business  - no matter what size – across departments, borders and industries. So why do most  meetings still look like classrooms and not places to foster mutual exploration for new business approaches?

Content is King

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The founder of Coaching Ourselves, Dr. Henry Mintzberg, has reached out to his professional colleagues worldwide in order to create the unique content for the Coaching Ourselves modules. Building upon their years of research and experience, a broad spectrum of recognized business experts have collaborated to create peer-to-peer learning modules which can be used by employees at all levels of an organization onsite at their business location.

Understanding Emotions

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A recent presentation by a colleague of mine brought to my attention the fact that we do not have a consensus definition of what emotions are. Ancient definitions don't necessarily hold in light of recent research from neuroscientists.  This blog contribution is my first look into this essential topic which is at the core of what it means to lead people.

Getting started with Coaching Ourselves

Coaching Ourselves Collaboration Culture Renewal Henry Mintzberg Peer to Peer Learning

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Coaching Ourselves is a peer-to-peer learning process which combines state of the art management content with the benefits of social learning. It provides a cost effective way to develop people which is easy to implement.  Here are  three steps which you can take to introduce this process into your organization...

Feed-Forward - A Coaching Ourselves Module

Coaching Ourselves Collaboration Culture Renewal Henry Mintzberg organizational culture Peer 2 Peer Peer to Peer Peer to Peer Learning Personal and Team Leadership Development

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The Feed-Forward module from Coaching Ourselves provides both a practical and powerful learning experience. The use of this module can positively influence and change team dynamics  within a company...

Holocracy - an organic approach to organizing work

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We live in an time where disruptive technologies have challenged and begun to redefine dominant business paradigms in many industries.  The music industry illustrates the power of such rapid transformation. In very little time, this industry has shifted from using vinyls to CDs to downloads, changing the very way music is produced and consumed.  Is it a surprise that during a time of such rapid change that traditional organizational forms are being challenged as well?   The paradigm of Holocracy has emerged as a result of the shifting demands of our time. It proposes a new organizational model which is in alignment with the challenges all businesses face in our digital age...

The Value of Peer-2-Peer Learning for your Organization

coaching ourselves Culture Renewal Henry Mintzberg lifelong learning management development Peer 2 Peer Peer to Peer Peer to Peer Learning

peer to peer learning

Coaching Ourselves is an answer to how companies can support management development in a cost effective way.  The secret to the success of this approach is that it leverages the knowledge and experience of existing employees in addition to providing state of the art input from leading professors of business schools from around the world...

A shift in Leadership for a digitalized world

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Digitalization requires a new leadership approach.  But not all has changed.  Good leadership from the analog era is still good leadership in the digital era  Nevertheless, something new is needed...

Reaping the Full Benefit

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Are you getting the full benefit of large group meetings and events? Through participatory design Ensemble Enabler supports companies to maximize the value of such encounters...

A Fish Out of Water

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Every organization  is confronted with the tension of how best to deal with what is urgent versus what is important. How can leaders and managers clearly identify what is really important in the turmoil of everyday business?

Extending the Echo

Culture Renewal Peer to Peer Learning Strategy Mapping

Are you leading a large-scale change initiative?

How can you communicate the appropriate message about this initiative to the company's employees in an effective and affective manner?

Peer-to-Peer Learning is the key....

Silos and Octopus Traps

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In the wheat growing areas of the world, grain is stored in large towers known as silos. Multiple silos are usually required. Each silo rises high into the sky, independent of the other silos. However, this colorful metaphor that has become commonplace to describe separation and lack of coordination in organizations and in society is not necessarily understood across the entire world. Silos are not to be found in rice based economies.