Peer-to-Peer Learning

A personal AND organizational development process

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Our Focus

Our approach enables companies to optimally utilize their existing resources in four distinct areas:

Collaboration: Coordinating efforts across departments, geographies, hierarchies and stakeholders.

Innovation: Focusing the energy of multiple stakeholders to improve and renew core processes which are vital to a company’s competitiveness.

Strategy Mapping®: Identifying available options to effectively address key business issues.

Culture Renewal: Strengthening and deepening a company’s identity and behavioral norms.

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Your Challenges

A challenge often conceals unexpected opportunities.

ENSEMBLE ENABLER’s Five T’s - Tension, Transition, Trouble, Trends and Tipping Point – focus on the typical challenges which most companies face in order to become a strategy aligned organization.

Which ‘T’ best describes your current situation?

Click on one of the T’s to discover our unique approach to dealing with this specific challenge.

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Our Suite of Products

Alignment requires diverse approaches.

Our suite of products embodies state-of-the-art processes to address alignment issues from different angles and perspectives.

Each of these products support a company's leadership strategy for culture change.

With every initiative, a distinct combination of leadership, communication, structure, and motivation facets come into play. ENSEMBLE ENABLER’s suite of products is designed to accommodate all these underlying themes in order to optimally promote the alignment process.

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About Ensemble Enabler

We are a diverse group of passionate professionals who work together to create business value through alignment.

Similar to an ensemble of individuals who come to perform together, our teams are custom-selected to creatively explore issues which businesses encounter. Our unique combination of seasoned expertise and business insight enable novel approaches to emerge, take form and be put into action.

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