Release the energy of your organization

To thrive in a world marked by continuous disruptive change, organizations must direct attention to their own organizational health.

High degrees of motivation, trust, creativity and innovation are the characteristics of a healthy organization. It is these attributes which ensure an organization's ability to be truly agile and to safely adapt and flourish in challenging business environments.

Ensemble Enabler’s collaboration with our clients focuses on strengthening the energy and information flows within an organization which may block the pathways to its optimal health.

We have developed simple and elegant approaches to pinpoint and address the significant business issues that matter inside of an organization.

Accelerate your organization’s path to optimal health, today!

Our Focus


An organization’s agility comes from four sources of energy

Ensemble Enabler focuses on stimulating dynamic energy and information flows within an organization.

Decades of experience and insights from state of the art research has led us to put the spotlight on four distinct fields:

• Organizational Learning

• Network Leadership

• Fluid Collaboration

• Transparent Communication

These four energy activator fields stimulate shifts in an organization’s vitality and information flows.

A focus on one or more energy activator fields enables an organization to invigorate its own internal health. The result? The strengthening of its ingenuity to address rapid change and emerging trends.

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How we support organizations

Ensemble Enabler has conceived cutting-edge practices to concentrate on the key business challenges of the digital era. Our four energy activator fields are set in motion through the use of a spectrum of exclusive practices:

Organizational Learning

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Community Learning
  • Learning Journeys

Network Leadership

  • Leader as Learner and Teacher
  • Leadership Sprints
  • Mentoring Network Leadership

Fluid Collaboration

  • Team Coaching
  • Thematic Large-Scale Events

Transparent Communication

  • Pinboards
  • Purpose Shaping
  • Visual Enabling
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We are Enablers

Enablers are a group of passionate individuals who thrive at opportunities to support organizations to realize their unique potential.

Decades of experience in the consulting industry has led us to the conclusion that the next step in the evolution in this domain is ENABLING. Experience has shown us that companies possess the knowledge and resources within their own organization to achieve extraordinary success.

Two key ingredients fundamentally set this powerful process in motion.

First is a shift in mindset that true change comes from within. Every great achievement begins with a desire or vision which becomes reality through hard work and perseverance.

Second, the trust which is placed in an organization’s people unleashes unimaginable energy.

Ensemble Enabler cooperates with organizations of all sizes to foster a nimble and sustainable organizational culture while also promoting enhanced leadership capacity at all levels of the business.

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