A cost effective approach to scaling organizational learning

When considering a new employee development program, all companies need to understand the investment for a Peer-to-Peer initiative in their organization. This investment is determined by the desired extent and reach of an employee development initiative.

Peer-to-Peer Learning offers a powerful and cost effective approach to foster agile learning in your organization. Since a Peer-to-Peer-Session takes place either virtually or on-site in a company's meeting rooms, no expensive venues are needed. Moreover, no experts or speakers need to be engaged since the content expertise is directly delivered in the Peer-to-Peer modules themselves.

What is Peer-Peer Learning?

Peer-to-Peer Learning is an agile learning process which provides companies with a cost effective alternative and/or a complement to current learning and employee development initiatives. Both the content and the design of a specific module topic form the foundation of every Peer-to-Peer Learning session.

A Peer-to-Peer Learning sessions bring 4 employees together with an certified Learning Enabler for a module discussion which lasts 90 minutes.

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The content for these learning modules have been developed by world-wide acknowledged professors and expert management practitioners. As an international partner of CoachingOurselves©, Ensemble Enabler has access to a library of over 100 Peer-to-Peer Learning modules. This library of modules is dedicated to a diverse set of topics which range from complex issues such as strategy, marketing and branding to day-to-day business skills such as managing effective meetings or optimally managing one's personal time and energy. Ensemble Enabler is the only certified European provider which offers the Coaching Ourselves© modules and custom-designed modules not only in English, but in German and all European languages as well.

In addition to the CoachingOurselves© modules, our experienced content design experts at Ensemble Enabler offer companies the opportunity to create customized Peer-to-Peer Learning modules to address their specific business needs.

Ensemble Enabler offers 3 cost effective ways to integrate a Peer-to-Peer initiative into your organization’s employee development programs

There are a variety of cost-effective ways for your organization to become familiar with and integrate this novel organizational learning process into your employee development programs.

1. Experience a Pilot Peer-to-Peer Learning Session

To get acquainted with the Peer-to-Peer process and the value which its brings to your organization, Ensemble Enabler recommends starting with a pilot Peer-to-Peer session which is moderated by one of our certified Learning Enablers.

This pilot session begins with a brief introduction to the Peer-to-Peer learning process after which a Learning Enabler leads four employees through a pre-selected Peer-to-Peer Learning module. This 90-minute pilot Peer-to-Peer Learning session is experienced exactly as it would be carried out either virtually or on-site in the workplace. It provides an ideal opportunity to have a first-hand experience of this unique agile learning process.

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After the completion of the Peer-to-Peer Learning session, our certified Learning Enabler conducts a de-brief of the experience. A discussion on how Peer-to-Peer Learning could potentially be integrated into individual, team and departmental learning initiatives ends this initial pilot Peer-to-Peer session.

This entire pilot session is completed within a time frame of approximately 2 1/2 hours and includes:

  • Introduction to the Peer-to-Peer process
  • ‘Live’ 90 minute Peer-to-Peer Learning modules
  • De-brief of the learning experience and a group reflection about the possibilities to initiate a Peer-to-Peer initiative in an organization

What are the professional fees for a Pilot Peer-to-Peer Session?

The fee for a virtual Peer-to-Peer Learning session with our certified Learning Enabler is € 1.190,00* including 19% VAT where applicable. 

The fee for a Peer-to-Peer Learning session on-site at your company with our certified Learning Enabler is € 2.380,00* including 19% VAT where applicable. All related travel costs will be billed for reimbursement.

Click here to schedule your pilot Peer-to-Peer Session 

2. Testing the Peer-to-Peer experience within your organization 

A small test group initiative of 12 individuals provides a great initial hands-on experience with Peer-to-Peer Learning with a small group of leaders or select teams. On the other hand, a larger participant size increases the sustainable impact of both social and network learning.

The true magic of this sustainable impact of this experience begins when this larger group of employees all engage with the Peer-to-Peer Learning process. While individual employees continue to learn about a specific topic, a shared group experience materializes simultaneously. This larger group size enables a shared experience to evolve as the individuals experience the Peer-to-Peer process together with many other colleagues. This shared experience not only builds upon an individual’s learning, but also supports these employees to extend their cross-functional business networks and, at the same time, enhance the quality of collaboration with their colleagues.

In order to achieve this network impact, Ensemble Enabler recommends a larger initiative which would engage approximately 40+ people over a time frame of approximately 3 months. Each employee would ideally attend one 90-minute Peer-to-Peer Learning session per month. Our experience has demonstrated that a monthly Peer-to-Peer Learning session encourages the integration of the process into the daily business routine.

During an initial 3 month trial period either three (3) individual Peer-to-Peer content modules topics or a thematic cluster of 3 distinct modules can be offered. The number of sessions per month can be increased as desired.

To facilitate the scheduling of the Peer-to-Peer Learning session, Ensemble Enabler has developed proprietary IT-software to enable participants to self-manage his/her own learning. No organizational coordination to structure the Peer-to-Peer Learning initiative is necessary. Click here for more in-depth information on this topic

Ensembler Enabler wants to collaborate with your organization to  make scalable learning a reality

In a world that is more rapidly changing and where our needs are evolving at an accelerating rate, the institutions that are most likely to thrive will be those that provide an opportunity to learn faster together.

SCALABLE LEARNING not only helps people inside the institution learn faster. It also scales learning by connecting with others outside the institution and building deep, trust-based relationships that can help all participants to learn faster by working together.

                                                              John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and Lang Davison

Our professional fees match your needs for scaling organizational learning 

Ensemble Enabler wants to support our clients to make scalable learning both cost-effective and rapidly implementable throughout their organizations.

To encourage scalable learning, we have developed a price model which has been designed to accommodate the sizes of all employee development programs – from small scale leadership and team programs to company-wide learning or change initiatives.

According to the volume of your Peer-to-Peer initiative, Ensemble Enabler offers a discount on the cost of each Peer-to-Peer session. Our cost effective pricing model enables an organization to reach any number of employees quickly and with a personal touch.

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3. Investing in internal Learning Enablers for your organization

Real cost savings for an organization materialize when an initial investment is made to promote the development of internal Learning Enablers. After the successful completion of a Learning Enabler workshop, select employees are certified to moderate Peer-to-Peer Learning sessions internally.

The creation of this internal resource has multiple benefits for the organization.

  • The cost per Peer-to-Peer session sinks dramatically since the cost of external moderation is eliminated.
  • Secondly, there is an increasing demand to cultivate an agile learning mindset in employees who need to continually re-skill and up-skill. By becoming a certified Learning Enabler, selected employees learn to lead your learning initiative in a time of continuous change.

The ability to offer scalable learning to personally reach more employees throughout the organization is greatly increased through the investment of the certification of internal Learning Enablers. The following scenario illustrates the impact of this investment for your organization: 

Investing in internal Learning Enablers a scenario 1

Peer-to-Peer Learning initiatives cultivate the building of networks within an organization. This shared experience with other individuals contributes to creating a cross-functional business community within the organization. This in turn advances enhanced collaboration within the organization.

While Peer-to-Peer learning promotes individual learning and skill acquisition, it offers much more to an organization. It offers a key process for scaling learning in agile organizations which are striving to successfully perform in the current environment of disruption caused by the way technology and globalization are changing the nature of work.

To discover more about the potential of the use of Peer-to-Peer Learning for your organization click here

Ensemble Enabler partners with organizations to transform their work environments.

Through the use of innovative practices in the context of our four thematic focal points - Organizational Learning, Network Leadership, Fluid Collaboration and Transparent Communication - new sources of energy are released throughout an organization and the internal information flows enhanced.  

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